Monday, 22 February 2016

Microsoft Comes Up With An Intriguing Feature For Skype

Microsoft will now enable group video calls via smartphone app.

Microsoft Corporation popular service Skype is said to be the most readily used platform for video and voice calling. However, one could not conduct group video calls whilst using the mobile application. Several news were coming in from competitors such as Hangouts and WhatsApp over the past couple of months but no news was observed regrading Skype since quite some time. However, many publication houses have now been acknowledged regarding the big news which will lure more customers to the service.
Group video calling is not a new phenomenon but the Windows 10 giant was not offering this service on the mobile app. So the recent breakthrough will enable all users on iOS and Android to take advantage of the experience. Previously in January, the company had plans to come up with this feature on its renowned platform. the feature will be initially available in Western Europe and North America but then the service will be accessible all over the globe by end of March, FY16.
The service is currently offering support for almost 25 people when it comes to video calling. It can broadcast at 1080 p and Microsoft users have the liberty to switch between front and rear camera. To offer this service on a desktop was relatively easier since accommodating more participants was not a tough task. However, fitting a bunch of participants on a small screen is a breakthrough in itself.
Usually a broadcast gets pinned on the top right of the screen when more people are added. Thus Skype then adjust the screen on its own as much as possible. If there are more than seven members, the display has been arranged in a manner that all the members are lined on the bottom screen. The best part is that when a person is speaking, he/she will be highlighted by default. Moreover, users have also been given the liberty to rearrange the display by pinning on the relevant person on the top as per preference.
Another intriguing feature that will be part and parcel of the update is that users will have the liberty to invite individuals to the video even if they do not use Skype. This will work via the default sharing tool on Android and iOS which will enable anyone to join the Skype call. For instance, an invitation can be sent via iMessage and the user can join the call without any hindrance of adding the individual as a contact.
Right after the announcement, thousands of individuals joined the platform so that they could get early access to the service which shows that the masses were anticipating this feature. Gurdeep Pall, the Vice President of Skype Corporate stated, “We saw a 600 percent increase in group calls pretty much overnight.”
Hence, the company has finally come up with a service that was readily anticipated by the masses. The success of the service before the official launch indicates that the popularity of Skype will bolster in the times to come.

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